From Scratch Food

We serve fresh-made, from scratch food.

We cook whole chickens, slowly in a steam-oven.

We make our own mayo – using fresh, free-range local eggs from Fox Creek farms. The best mayo around.

We make our own salsa.

We use Sodium Citrate (sour salt) to make beautiful, thick, Queso-style cheese sauce, from Armstong havarti – because cheese doesn’t need flour or cream. Then we put that on Fresh is Best nachos…

We make our own desserts; Banana Cream Pie, Lime Marshmellow, Affogato.

We have LOTS of specials. Our menu is small, but it changes all the time; Brussels Sprouts roasted with bacon fat, applejuice and pumpkin seeds?

We grow our own micro-greens.

We have share plates. Lots of em. The best way to eat at Red Beard is to share.

We have sandwiches. Simple, tasty, from scratch cooking.

We are good value. No large portions of fries to make you feel full. Just honest good food.

Just ask our chef John Firkins. We care.

Check out current and past menu’s on our menu page.