Third Wave Coffee

At Red Beard we have some of the best coffee around. Our coffee is firmly third-wave; selecting the beans we roast to highlight their inherent flavour characteristics, and roasting them to the right level to maximize the best flavour and aroma in that crop of beans. The roast level chooses us, we don’t choose the roast level.

We work with great coffee importers, farmers and coffee mills to find the best value beans around. Beans that are better than the rest, but not more than they are worth.

Come by during the day for a fantastic espresso, traditional cappuccino (a 6 oz drink and no other size) or some of the slow bar, single varietal offerings brewed with an Aeropress or Hario V60.

Beans are also available by the 3/4 llb to take home of our Espresso, Roundhouse, Decaf and select seasonals.

If you are fundraising we also have discount bulk agreements for you to sell on, or if you are another cafe, restaurant or office, we have bulk options in 5 llb increments. Contact Mitch at redbeardcafe(at)